Warszawa vol. II


In 2021, after the pandemic eased in Poland, I was able to remove the project from stand-by mode and give it a push – not only in Warsaw, but also in other cities. In Warsaw, between July and August, I developed three sessions: one with the ballet student Michelle Grunwald (at the Wilanów Palace) and two sessions with the contemporary dancer and teacher Marta Kosieradzka (at the Świętokrzyski Bridge and also in Prague). In November, I still had the opportunity to schedule a session with the dancer and performer Dominika Lewandowska, despite the cold that was running through 🙂 It turned out to be a short session since the day is much shorter at this time of the year, however we still managed to go through Aleja Maja and Aleja Jerozolimskie.

Date of the sessions: July, August and November of 2021

Dancers: Michelle Grunwald, Marta Kosieradzka and Dominika Lewandowska