This session was somehow unexpected since this group is more focused on the Hip-Hop style in which I don’t have much experience as a dance photographer. The result of the session came out a little out of what I intended for this project however it was a very interesting session where we had a lot of fun.

Viseu is a city and municipality in the Centro Region of Portugal and the capital of the district of the same name, with a population of 100.000 inhabitants, and center of the Viseu Dão Lafões intermunipical community, with 267,633 inhabitants. Viseu is a regional economic hub with a strong wine industry and is the seat of international conglomerate Visabeira. The city is also a cultural center, home to the nationally acclaimed Grão Vasco Museum, seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Viseu, and pole of national universities, including the Catholic University of Portugal.

Date of the session: January of 2020

Dancers: Jennifer Ferreira, Beatriz Silva, Rodrigo Reis & José Cunha

Special thanks: RS Cars – Paranhos da Beira e Viseu