Setúbal is another city that I strongly recommend for a visit. This session, with the teacher and dancer Kelly Nakamura, was particularly productive since we started in the morning and ended at the end of the day. I therefore had the opportunity to visit many of the city’s characteristic sites and experience Kelly’s tenacity and talent. A fantastic session, with a fantastic dancer, in a fantastic city.

Setúbal is the seat of a municipality with 230.33 km² in area and 116,330 inhabitants (2017), subdivided into 5 parishes. The city is located 32 km southeast of Lisbon, on the north bank of the mouth of the river Sado, and is flanked to the west by the Serra da Arrábida. One of the strong attractions that Setúbal has to offer are its beaches. Setúbal has a set of beaches that are quite different from each other, but with a common characteristic: they are all inserted in the Arrábida Natural Park. This park is a biogenetic reserve extending for 35 kilometers, including several mountains and places of remarkable interest and natural beauty. About 1,400 plant species are concentrated in this territory, corresponding to 40% of the Portuguese flora in less than 1% of the country’s plant area.

Date of the session: February of 2020

Dancer: Kelly Nakamura

Special thanks to: Kelly Nakamura’s Dance Studio