In Łódź, I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with an amazing team of majorettes called Łódzkie Mażoretki i Cheerleaderki “Fame“. They are a dance group, founded in 2005, with more than 60 participants in different age groups. They have participated in several TV shows and in both national and international competitions with many awards. It was a delightful and very colourful experience. The session took place in the well known Manufaktura and was leaded by the teachers Oliwia Niewiadomska and Adam Pigłowski. From a photographic perspective it was a very interesting challenge since I’m more used to lens individual dancers.  I also had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with the lovely sisters Kasia and Natalia Świderska. Kasia is a ballet student (and also a dancer in the same majorettes team) and Natalia is a senior dancer from the majorettes team. They toured me around some of the most significant locations in Łódź, like the Piotrkowska Street, an art installation by Joanna Rajkowska called Rosa’s Passage, among others.

Łódź is the third-largest city in Poland and a former industrial centre. Located in the central part of the country approximately 120 km south-west of Warsaw. The industrial development and demographic surge made Łódź one of the largest cities in Poland. Is internationally known for its National Film School, a cradle for the most renowned Polish actors and directors, including Andrzej Wajda and Roman Polanski. The most notable and recognizable landmark of the city is Piotrkowska Street, which remains the high-street and main tourist attraction in the city. The best example of urban regeneration in Łódź is the Manufaktura complex, occupying a large area of a former cotton factory dating back to the nineteenth century.

Date of the session: September of 2021

Dancers: Łódzkie Mażoretki i Cheerleaderki “Fame”,  Kasia and Natalia Świderska