Gondomar is a city that I know quite well since I lived in this city for almost 10 years. In reality, the Paulo VI Ballet Academy is part of the school that I attended in the 90s, Colégio Paulo VI 🙂 The session was guided by professor Cláudia Regado with the help of Pedro Ligeiro. We also had the precious weather help that was ideal for the photo shoot. Perhaps on another occasion, I could hold a new session in this city since there was not enough time for many of the places I would like to photograph.

Gondomar is a Portuguese municipality and city that belongs to the District of Porto and the Metropolitan Area of Porto and the Northern Region. It is one of the most populous municipalities in the Porto Metropolitan Area, with approximately 174 159 inhabitants (2011). The municipality of Gondomar, has the passages of five rivers: the Rio Douro, Rio Tinto, Rio Torto, Rio Sousa and Rio Ferreira, the highlight goes to the Rio Douro which along its banks has an extension of approximately 37 km. This important resource gives it strong tourist potential in terms of Nautical and Nature Tourism. In this context, the river beaches stand out because of their unique landscape, they are affirmed as centers of great attractiveness during the bathing season. Jewelery is the main activity of the Municipality, this is the art that best characterizes Gondomar, earning it the title “Capital of Jewelery”.

Date of the session: January of 2020

Dancers: Antónia Alves, Carolina Cunha, Ema Sakamoto, Francisca Ligeiro and Maria Afonso Tavares

Special thanks to: Cláudia Regado, Paulo VI Ballet Academy and Pedro Ligeiro