Another fantastic city that I was able to visit was Évora. One of the oldest Portuguese cities with architectural references that go back to megalithic times. There I met with Eliete Santos in the historic center, a native from Brazil, but currently living in Portugal, where I had the opportunity to experience her vast experience (over 30 years) in classical ballet and performance. She is currently a classical ballet teacher and an actress.

Évora is the district capital in the Alentejo region, with 49,252 inhabitants, in 2011, and is the only Portuguese city that is a member of the oldest European Cities Network. Its well-preserved historic center is one of the richest in Portugal’s monuments, making it the epitome of City Museum. In 1986, the historic center of the city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Évora and its surrounding region has a rich history that goes back more than five millennia, as demonstrated by nearby megalithic monuments such as the Zambujeiro Tapir and the Almendres Cromeleque. The landscape of the Évora region is characterized by extensive cultivation of cereals, with pasture patches and forests from cork to holm. Vineyards, olive groves and rice paddies are also part of the landscape.

Date of the session: February of 2020

Dancer: Eliete Santos