Aveiro is a wonderful city where I spent a few holidays. It has wonderful places for photography and has a unique architecture in Portugal, in the so-called ‘Costa Nova’ zone. Alice Machado, student of the Higher Dance Course in Lisbon, is from Aveiro and we decided to meet there for this photo shoot. We had time to visit some of the most characteristic areas of the city, but there is still much more to characterize it properly. Even after a four-hour session I have always the feeling that wasn’t enough 🙂

Aveiro is a city and a municipality in Portugal and in 2011, the population was 78,450, in an area of 197.58 square kilometres. it is the second most populous city in the Centro Region of Portugal (after Coimbra). Aveiro was known for many years for its production of salt and for the moliço seaweed harvest, which was used as fertilizer before the development of chemicals for that purpose. The region is now known for the preponderance of ceramics industries, a reflection of the regions advancements, resulting in a long productive tradition since the late Roman. Software development is important too, both at the R&D centre for a large telecom company and at the University of Aveiro (UAVR) which is attended by 15,000 students on undergraduate and postgraduate programs. UAVR works with companies in national and European R&D projects. Tourism is also important for the economy: the boats once used for harvesting seaweed now carry tourists on the canals. The old town centre, with its Art Nouveau and Romanesque architecture and “gondolas” plying the Ria de Aveiro canals, is referred to as “The Venice of Portugal” in some tourist brochures.

Date of the session: February of 2020

Dancer: Alice Machado