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My objective for this project is to photograph dancers in their home cities together with environments that characterize those cities. I accept dancers of any style and age even though I give priority to classical and contemporary dance. Depending on the age and experience of the dancer, I might ask to be accompanied by a teacher to help with both technical and artistic direction. Dance schools are also very welcome since I believe this is an interesting and funny experience for dance students.

I am currently based in Warsaw, so if you are anywhere in Poland will be somehow simple to arrange a photo session. Depending on the distance of the city, and in order for my trip to be more productive, I can suggest bringing together more than one session and extending my stay to two or three days in that city. If you live outside Poland, I’ll be also happy to consider you into this project and since I love to travel it might be possible to arrange a session during a weekend in your country. My availability is limited mostly to the weekends due to my daily job anyhow, just fill the form below or e-mail me directly at carlos.alves@dancersandtheircities.com.

I consider that in dance photography artistic collaboration is the main pillar that defines it. If, on one hand, the photographer had to invest time and money in training and equipment, exactly the same applies to the dancer. The final result of the image is therefore a symbiosis between two forms of art that are combined together with a common goal. For this reason, participation in this project does not include any type of monetary value and all travel expenses are supported by me. All the selected images from each session are given to the dancer in high resolution after post-production and they can be used for personal promotion as long as my name and the project is mentioned.

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