About Me.

If you can see, look. If you can look, observe.

José Saramago, Blindness

Photography is one of my most passionate hobbies together with cinema and music.

I pursued analog photography and cinema for three years in the Multimedia Art Institute in Porto and later at the Fernando Pessoa's University as part of my advertising/communication degree. While for music, I was a bass player and composer in alternative rock bands from my teenage years till my 35s.

Professionally, I took the direction of graphic design. In the span over 20 years, I’ve built a solid career as an Art Director and also as a trainer in Editorial Design, Illustration, Digital Photography and Video.

Since moving to Warsaw in 2014, and as part of my daily job as an art director, I also had the chance to develop professionally as a photographer/videographer.

My experience in professional photography began with corporate product beauty shots and TV commercial photo shoots for print and digital campaigns worldwide. After this, I started exploring other domains that are personally more rewarding such as dance photography, indie projects and artistic events (plays, concerts, etc.).

Dance comes into my life due to a series of professional, personal and family influences. Apart from my mother having been a dancer in Portugal as a young girl, my first professional job as a videographer was to cover a large dance event in Guimarães, where I had the opportunity to work with several Portuguese dance schools and with a professional contemporary London dance company called Storm. It was at this time that I was able to witness all the hard work that is behind the lightness and sensitivity of the artistic body movement which impressed me very much.
Years later, I had the opportunity to dedicate myself in a more professional way to photography, and it was then that I actively sought to include dance photography back in my life.